Soul Activations by Jacqueline Johnson

About Jacqueline

THERE IS ONLY ONE GOLDEN GORGEOUS YOU!!! Jacqueline always knew she was different. When she was a little girl, she used to sense vibrations around her, see through the dimensions, and hear sounds that others did not hear. She never...

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Soul Activations

Jacqueline is tuned in to the multi dimensional matrix vibrations of the galaxies. She has been called to guide you on these amazing destiny connecting journeys called Blueprint Encodement Magic Activations. These sessions are  combined with various universal light symbols to


Angelic Light Language

  Light language is the language of the soul. It also comes in symbols, and images. It is the sound of all languages rolled into one. It permeates the heart and creates a magical transformation from the moment the heartstrings


Lord Ashtar Speaks

  There is nothing; absolutely no-thing attached to emotional charges anymore. It is your mind creating these.  All energies have been dissolved and dissipated. Remember, what is being said to you….all energies have been cleared, removed, and transmuted.   When

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Blessings from the Angels

ANGELIC LIGHT LANGUAGE  RECEIVE ……..BLESSINGS FROM THE ANGELS Breathe this golden light in from your crown and feel it trickling all the way down the back of your throat. As it trickles down your throat, imagine a golden river of

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Her Mission

Jacqueline’s mission: I am a guidepost  of  happiness and joy. As I shine my energy through the world, I then uplift and sparkle illuminating everyone and everything. I am here to be a pillar of ascension and to reach out

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Intuitive Readings

Jacqueline Johnson is a Divine Illumination Encodement Counselor, an open vessel, and an  intuitive sharing guidance. She assists you with your awakening to your own wisdom to tap into your personal inner power. She has been doing readings for over